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Wool and Silk. The New Erotic

10 May - 10 June

Latvian Museum of Photography

The exhibition is critically ironic of the phallocentric understanding of sexuality and offers a new and more inclusive definition of the erotic. Since the logos of the Ancient Greeks, the male experience has been privileged as the main measurement of pleasure, whereas a woman could only play the role of a gorgeous encasement or a container to be filled. Such a dynamics of relationship is often perceived as “natural state”, where nature is credited with qualities that are only characteristic to humans. Voyeurism, sadism and masochism reveal the fantasies of the patriarchal culture regarding an available, hot woman and at the same time – uncertainty and fear of her sexuality. Is it possible to rewrite the narrative, discarding the old paradigm and introducing equality and intimate justice also in the practice of sex? The tactile qualities of wool and silk not only correlate with the regime of feminine sexuality, but also open up possibilities for different practices and desires. The exhibition includes archival material from the Latvian Museum of Photography (the works of both classics and unknown authors), as well as works of several contemporary authors.

Participants - Gustavs Žakerts, Kārlis Lakše, Elmārs Heniņš, Raimonds Rencis, Staņislavs Grahoļskis, Evija Gruzna, Anda Magone, Lando Jansone, Ieva Balode, Reinis Hofmanis, Mētra Saberova, Anna-Stina Treumund, Elīna Eihmane, Eva Vēvere and Valdis Jansons and others

Curated by Jana Kukaine, co-curator - Rasa Jansone

Opening - 10 May 5pm

Admission: 1.50 EUR / 0.50 EUR schoolchildren, pensioners
Wed, Fri–Sun: 11am–5pm, Thu 12pm–7pm

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10 May 5pm Audiovisual performance God Is Putting Lipstick On at the opening of the exhibition
24 May 6pm The readings of erotic poetry Whispers
7 June 6pm The Female Gaze: A New Politics of Body and Sexuality. A lecture by Jaana Kokko (FI)

Photo by Ieva Balode (Latvia)