Riga Photomonth Portfolio Review
on 11 May, 2018

For the emerging and mid-career photographers

Application on the first come first serve basis

The Portfolio Review is open to the applicants worldwide, and is an opportunity for emerging and mid-career photographers to showcase their work to an exclusive group of professionals in the field of photography including curators, festival directors, magazine editors and photographers. 

The event is a platform both for those seeking professional feedback on their developed projects and guidance on the conceptual approaches in one’s artistic practice. The Portfolio Review is also a great place to establish contacts with the field professionals and other photographers, which can result in new exhibitions and publications in future. The Portfolio Review will take place during the Riga Photomonth opening week (7-13 May), thus allowing photographers from abroad to arrive on time for the most intense part of the festival. The festival will open on 9 May with an international exhibition, followed by exhibition openings, talks, lectures, projection and other events on the next few days. The complete festival programme will be announced in March.

The registration fee of 80 EUR will guarantee at least five one-to-one review sessions of 20 minutes and must be paid in advance to ensure your place.


List of reviewers


  • expert

    Steven Evans

    Executive Director of FotoFest

    Houston, USA

  • expert

    Maciej Bujko

    Artistic Director of TIFF Festival

    Wroclaw, Poland

  • expert

    Jenny Nordquist

    Artistic Director of the Landskrona Foto Festival

    Landskrona, Sweden

  • expert

    Dieter Neubert

    Director of Fotobookfestival

    Kassel, Germany

  • expert

    Maira Dudareva

    Director of the Latvian Museum of Photography

    Riga, Latvia

  • expert

    Anna Tellgren

    Curator of Photography at Moderna Museet

    Stockholm, Sweden

  • expert

    Valeriy Gorokhov

    Photo Director at Meduza

    Riga, Latvia

  • expert

    Karen McQuaid

    Curator at The Photographers' Gallery

    London, UK

  • expert

    Mindaugas Kavaliauskas

    Director of Kaunas Photo Festival

    Kaunas, Lithuania

  • expert

    Tiina Rauhala

    Chief Curator at the Finnish Museum of Photography

    Helsinki, Finland

  • expert

    Liza Premiyak

    Associate Editor and Journalist at The Calvert Journal

    London, UK

  • expert

    Alnis Stakle

    Photographer and Curator at Riga Photomonth

    Riga, Latvia

Terms and conditions

* The Portfolio Review will take place on 11 May 9.30am-4pm at the Kampenhauzens house in Konventa sēta in Old Riga. The review sessions can be booked on the first come first serve basis. All kinds of photographic work — from fine art to photojournalism — are encouraged, however we advice to show one or two bodies of your work that have a coherent theme and not just single images.

* The registration fee of 80 EUR (a reduced fee of 55 EUR for photographers from Latvia) will guarantee at least 5 one-to-one review sessions and must be paid in advance to ensure your place. Each portfolio session will last for 20 minutes and the spoken language will be English. We will do everything within our capacity to match you with your top choices of the portfolio reviewers, however the organisers keep the rights to pair you with other experts in the event the selected options are overbooked. On the day of the review the participants will also have a chance to book additional sessions at no extra cost, if there are any free slots on the schedule. 

* After your application is received, we will send you the bank account details of Riga Photomonth and you will need to pay the registration fee within 3 working days to secure your place. Your place will be reserved only when the monetary transaction is finalized and you will receive a confirmation email afterwards. As a bonus, each participant will receive the Riga Photomonth catalogue.

* In case of your cancellation before 1 April, we will refund 50% of the registration fee. After that date or no-show, unfortunately we won’t be able to refund your registration fee. 

* After receiving your application, we will contact you within one or two working days. 

* If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email (info@rigaphotomonth.com), and we will do our very best to answer you.

Applications have now closed