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What don’t we see in photography? New Chic with Sergei Kruk

25 May


Riga Congress Centre

When looking at the works exhibited in the show New Chic, semiotician Sergei Kruk will explain how one can look not only for a narrative in photography recognising people, objects and situations, but also how one can challenge his or her vision. Objective is not so objective, as for example, it could seem to border guards who compare you with your image in your passport. The optics of the camera can also have different perspective on reality, which will never be visible to a naked human eye. Neuroscience has proved that we look with our brain, namely, we see only those things that we know, because the retina can provide only 10% of the information, which is necessary for recognizing an object. During the lecture the viewers will be asked to look at the photographs as photographs and not as a mirror of reality.  

Admission free
Event language - Latvian

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Photo by Slava Mogutin (USA/Russia)