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Riga Photomonth’s Off-year Events in 2015

January 23

In May 2015 the off-year events of Riga Photomonth – the biggest photo festival in Latvia – will take place offering a range of activities such as exhibitions, lectures, workshops, book presentations and other exciting events, turning Riga into a meeting point for international and local audiences.

The first Riga Photomonth aired in 2014 and the next one is planned in 2016. Yet, during the off-year period between the biennial years, Riga Photomonth will also offer a series of photography-related events. The key thematic framework is the Baltic, Nordic and Post-Soviet photography and the creative industry. 

One of the central events in May 2015 will be a public panel discussion “Visual Arts, Freedom of Expression and Copyright”, where media and copyright experts, artists and curators from Latvia and abroad will take part. May will also be rich in other events such as a public portfolio review, solo shows of Imants Gross and Johan Sundgren at the Latvian Museum of Photography, presentation of Latvian Photography Yearbook, film night, Andrew Miksys artist’s talk and other events.

Riga Photomonth is organized by Imants Gross, Arnis Balčus and Alnis Stakle together with the ISSP, FK Magazine, Latvian Museum of Photography, Riga Film Museum and other partners.

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