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Results of our open call 2020

March 24

We are happy to announce the open call results of Riga Photomonth 2020. We would like to note that due to Covid-19 outbreak the festival events might be postponed or cancelled. At this time we go ahead with the planning but the situation might change. We wish to thank all who participated and here are the results:

Selected for exhibitions:

Leticia Zica (Brazil/France)
Viktorija Paegle (Latvia)
Matylda Awdziejczyk (Poland)
Elijus Kniežauskas (Lithuania)

Selected for projection:

Alexandra Soldatova (Belarus)
Alicja Wróblewska (Poland)
Ashutosh Shaktan (India)
Bartek Sadowski (Poland)
Becher Téo (Belgium)
Calin Kruse (Germany)
Carol Müller (France)
Ela Polkowska (Poland)
Elena Liventseva (Russia)
Ihar Hancharuk (Belarus)
Jagoda Wisniewska (Switzerland)
Jan Richard Heinicke (Germany)
Jessica Wolfelsperger (Germany)
Joanna Borowiec (Poland)
Julia Abzaltdinova (Russia)
Karina Fomina (Russia)
Kristine Krauze Slucka (Latvia)
Lucas Olivet (Switzerland)
Maria Dupovkina (Russia)
Maria Kokunova (Russia)
Michał Adamski (Poland)
Peter Wiklund (Sweden)
Sara Palmieri (Italy)
Sergei Stroitelev (Russia)
Shinwook Kim (UK)
Tadeusz Chudy (Poland)
Tomas Mutsaers (Netherlands)
Vika Eksta (Latvia)
Viktorija Paegle (Latvia)
Yulya Pavlova (Russia)


Photo - Elijus Kniežauskas (Lithuania)


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