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Latvian photobooks in Tallinn

October 1

It has become a tradition for the Estonian Photographic Art Fair to hold a sales-exhibition of quality photobooks. This year the focus is on books of photographic art from the three Baltic states. Latvian photobooks were selected by Arnis Balčus from Riga Photomonth.

The exhibition is special as it provides a side by side comparison of the approaches and trends in each of the Baltics.

A significant emphasis this year lies on photobooks self-published by artists and small publishing houses’ editions. What makes them special is that the artist was behind the book from beginning to end. In addition, the print run is usually limited, which makes them rarities.

 The exhibition of photography books is accompanied by talks with artists, book discussions and lectures about self-publishing in Latvia and Lithuania. Lecturers include Evita Goze from Latvia, who is the organizer of Self-Publish Riga event of Riga Photomonth and photographer Andrew Miksys from Lithuania who is known for his highly acclaimed photobook Disko.

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