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Honeymoon High. Lurid Self

17 - 24 May

Avotu 46

The exhibition, with the contribution of the creative agency and printed magazine Honeymoon High, will be focused on the self-image in the post-internet age, attempting to define online and offline conditions.

The title of the exhibition has been based on the idea expressed by American curator and one of the magazine Art in America editors Brian Droitcour. In his essay The Perils of Post-Internet Art Droitcour writes that the relationship between art and the “post-internet” age can be compared to the relationship between pornography and sex: “Post-Internet art does to art what porn does to sex—renders it lurid.” The right angles, effusive facial expressions and postures, bodies balancing on the border of body perfection and deviation – all this is needed for us to believe in each aestheticized orgasm. Likewise, the art, too, lives in images – in perfect white-box contrast and saturation of colours.

Participants: Honeymoon High

Curator: Elīna Sproģe

Opening 17 May 7pm

Daily 3-7pm on Avotu 46
Admission free