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Photo stories, half-truths and pineapples on the Moon. Guided tour with Alnis Stakle

21 May


Museum of the Occupation

The guided tour will be dedicated to the stories about the artists’ works and the use of photography as a medium in contemporary art. The exhibition has been created when thinking about time and particularly this age, when we have understood that not only we have seen everything and mostly we are sceptically disillusioned about the utopian visions of the previous centuries when people dreamt about the world, which would be a better and more beautiful place, we have also realised that disappointment in politics, religion, society, and collective truths has not brought any new and shared ideas of the meaning of life. Everything has ended without even having started, and we have all willingly become the citizens of the global village overwhelmed by the half-truths of social media and procrastination. The artists of the exhibition have turned to contemporary reflections of various collective utopias in the discourse of post-democracy both through private and situational solutions.

Admission free
Event language: Latvian

Photo by Mathias Lovegreen (Denmark)