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Photography as valuable data or fake news. Guided tour with Anda Rožukalne

30 May


Museum of the Occupation

Since for the understanding of the exhibition’s conception detailed explanations have been provided to clarify what the authors’ intentions were behind their works, during the guided tour attention will be drawn to the opposite side – the recipient, an imaginary audience, and how people could perceive the journey that has been offered to them in the senselessness of the past and present illusions. One of the directions for the potential angle: the authors’ interpretations of the past can be perceived as valuable data, which help to understand the present; however, it is possible that the photographs participate in the creation of disinformation effect providing misleading ideas and confirmation of false memories, which some people need to have on a regularly basis. It means that each piece of authentic evidence, in this case, a photograph, can be seen both as a data carrier and an artefact interpreted within the context of the recipient’s perceptual factors. It is unknown whether it will happen during the guided tour, because due to the recently discovered “lazy brain” phenomenon there can be inner and external conflicts, but the term “fake news” probably will be used for the last time in the recipients’ lives.

Anda Rožukalne, PhD, works at Riga Stradins University where she is the dean of the Department of Communication, Journalism and Multimedia Studies. She has worked professionally as a reporter and as an editor.

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Event language: Latvian

Photo by Simon Menner (Germany)