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Ilze Vanaga. Leaving Paradise

12 May - 4 June

Kaņepes Culture Centre

Latvian photographer Ilze Vanaga’s poetic work is mainly concerned with themes of childhood, motherhood, motherland and home. In her photographs, truth alternates with fiction, and symbols with emotions. Her works act as psychological journeys, helping the artist explore and discover herself and her individual world. A year and a half ago, Ilze became a mother, and this had a great influence on the idea and structure of the festival exhibition Leaving Paradise, which is retrospective in nature. “My child coming into the world opened up many long-closed doors inside of me. This exhibition is a transitional state, between the old and the new. A report, a reflection, giving thanks to my Garden of Eden for our [my own and the garden’s] existence, for our cherishing and nurturing”, Ilze explains the motivation behind the exhibition.

Opening 12 May 7pm

Admission free
Daily 1pm-2am

Image: Ilze Vanaga