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Vlad Krasnoshchok and Sergiy Lebedynskyy. Artists talk

May 8


Nordic Club House

On 19 January 2014 the peaceful protests in the Maidan Square in Kiev were likely to turn into the civil war. It all went too far – grenade explosions, Molotov cocktails, attacks to activists by Berkut units, torture of the detained activists, etc. Vlad Krasnoshchok, the member of artist group Shilo, says that he could not remain indifferent and refrain from taking part in the events of Euromaidan. Krasnoshchok and Sergiy Lebedynskyy documented the protest in Kiev for several days. However, their aim was not to merely document the events, but also to express a deeply personal position and to participate in the activities of the protester community. As a result, a unique exhibition in terms of the content and technology and a book Euromaidan saw the daylight.