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Photography in Film II

May 7


Riga Film Museum

Programme Photography in Film II encompasses documentary films and newsreels that were made in-between the 1950s and the 1970s in Latvia. Photographs as aesthetic elements have been used in the film Sāļā maize (The Salty Bread, 1965, dir. Hercs Franks) about the life of fishermen and the film Zemes vaigs (The Features of the Land, 1964, dir. Uldis Brauns) with images from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kirgisistan. Riga in the documentary photographs can be seen in the film Pilsētas portrets (The Portrait of the City, 1970, dir. Aivars Līcis), where the city is presented from a historical perspective. The episodes from the newsreels Padomju Latvija (The Soviet Latvia) and Pionieris (The Pioneer) will tell about various subjects related to photography – the photographers Vilis Rīdzenieks, the Latvian photographers’ show in 1963, the activities of Kuldīga pioneer out-of-school photo activities and an exhibition dedicated to the 130th anniversary of photography held in Riga in 1969.