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Launch of Latvian Photography Yearbook 2015

May 15


NicePlace Mansards

For the fifth year FK Magazine is publishing the Latvian Photography Yearbook, which is aimed at promoting the contemporary Latvian photography. This year’s issue compiles the works of Miks Mitrēvics & Kristīne Kursiša, Roman Korovin, Reinis Lismanis, Ilze Vanaga & Inga Erdmane and Zane Mellupe. The publication will also offer interviews with the photographers, as well as the essay by Līga Lindenbauma on the relations between art and photography in Latvia. In cooperation with the foundation Mākslai vajag telpu (Art Needs Space) special tote bags with prints of photographer’s works have been created. In the opening night it will be possible to meet the authors of the Yearbook, as well as to buy the Yearbook and the bags for a lower price.