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Discussion "Visual arts, freedom of speech and copyrights"

May 13


Nordic Club House

Taking into account the popular insecurity and myths about the questions provided in the subject of discussion, as well as the necessity for wider public debates, which was also evident in the international photo show Viewfinders organized by Riga Photomonth in 2014, from which one work was withdrawn due to the copyright issues, RFM will organise public discussions and lectures, asking experts, curators, media representatives and artists to participate.

We will examine, which regulations, laws and practice are currently in force in Latvia and Europe and how they can restrict the artists’ freedom to create, exhibit or make their works public with other means. We will analyse the norms which the authors must obey when creating new works of art, as well as laws and regulations, which the artists can refer to, when defending their rights to works of art.    


Talk by Simon Drewsen Holmberg, the director of Danish Cultural Insitute and copyrights expert
Talk by Paul Vestergren, international secretary and copyrights expert of The Swedish Association of Professional Photographers

Coffee break

Panel discussion with Simon Drewsen Holmberg, Paul Vestergren, Inga Šteimane, art historian and curator, Reinis Markvarts, the chief of the copyrights department at the Ministry of Culture, Jānis Ivans Mihailovs, the lecturer on copyrights at the Riga Stradins University, and Inga Brūvere, former director of Riga Photomonth 2014 and curator of the exhibition Viewfinders.

The discussion will be moderated by Pauls Raudseps

The talks will be held in English. The panel discussion - in English and Latvian. Admission free.